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Personal Insurance

Within our busy lives, we are often faced with situations where we find ourselves suffering a financial loss. This could be because of a vehicle accident, a peril that renders us without our valuable property, a fire, theft or accident, or where we are held liable for an incident by a third party.

Most times we cannot afford to fund these and rely on insurance to bail us out. While we understand you would rather not pay your well-earned cash across to an insurer, when an unexpected event occurs which could harm your pockets, one is always grateful that there is cover in place.

Typical insurance areas we cover


Structural cover for your home or buildings you own

Household Contents

Cover for your movable property


Cover for your vehicles; cars, motor bikes, scooters, caravans, boats, trailers, and any movable personal type vehicle

All Risk Cover

Your movable property, such as cell phones, electronic equipment, jewellery, handbags, and many other portable goods, that generally leave home

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