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Roadside & Accident Assistance
Roadside Assistance Members have access to the following services in the event of a roadside emergency (limited up to R500 per incident):

  • Flat Battery – jump start only (replacement of battery for the member’s account)
  • Flat Tyre (help with change of tyre)
  • Keys locked in vehicle (unlocking only)
  • Fuel Assistance (limited to five litres per incident)
  • Minor Roadside Assistance – running repairs (electrical, coil, immobilizer etc.)
  • Transmittal of urgent messages
Courtesy Transport
Where the vehicle needs to be towed to a repairer, we will arrange for the occupants of the vehicle (up to a maximum of two persons) to be transported to a nominated destination, where the breakdown has occurred, within a 100 km radius of your normal place of residence.
Car Rental
If the circumstances of the problem entitles you to the hotel accommodation benefit but you would prefer to continue with your journey immediately, we will arrange for a rental car to enable you to reach your destination, subject to your qualifying for a rental vehicle in terms of the car rental companies general terms and conditions. The costs incurred will be confined to rental charges; delivery and collection of the hired vehicle, and the car must be surrendered on arrival at your destination. Cover up to R500 and subject to availability.
Tow-in service to the nearest approved dealership (if under warranty), repair centre or panel beater in the event of:

  • Mechanical Breakdown – covered up to R500
  • Electrical Breakdown – covered up to R500
  • Accident Damage – cost covered to the nearest approved panel beater up to a limit of R1850
Hotel Accommodation
Where the breakdown has occurred outside a radius of 100 km from your normal place of residence, resulting in an overnight delay, we will arrange hotel accommodation for the occupants of the vehicle (up to a maximum of four people). Cover up to R500.
Vehicle Repatriation
In the event of a member’s vehicle being left for repairs, we will pay up to R500 for 24-hour, Group-B car rental or a flight ticket to collect the vehicle after repairs. Alternatively, should the vehicle have been towed to a dealership closer to the member’s place of residence, we will supplement the additional tow costs with the costs of the car rental.
Overall limit of R5 000 per annum per policy.

*Please note: This cover excludes all vehicles over 3 500kg. A member will not be entitled to this service where the vehicle is not in a roadworthy condition. Any costs incurred through arrangements made by the member without prior authorisation shall not be reimbursed. Assistance is only available in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Home Assist

A home emergency is defined as an event that is potentially life threatening or could possibly cause structural or further damage to your property.
Fixtures, Fittings and Services

In the event of a home emergency, we will arrange for an appropriate repairer (electrician, plumber, locksmith or glazier) to address the problem at one nominated address (call-out fee and first hour labour is covered, thereafter normal rates apply). Please note that all parts and materials used are excluded and will be for the members account. Maintenance related issues are not covered.

Overall limit covers up to 3 incidents or up to R2 000 per annum, per policy.

Emergency Services Notification and Call out
We will, at your request, relay notification of emergencies to the police, traffic, fire brigade, ambulance, security or any other emergency service provider.

Type of Emergency

What is covered?

  • Distribution boards, circuits, main cables causing power failure
  • Earth-leakage relays causing power failure
  • Geyser connections, thermostats and elements
  • Multiple plug points causing power failures
  • Lighting strikes on wiring causing power failures
  • Multiple burnt connections on wiring or plug points causing power failure
  • General House Wiring
  • Connections to all electrical motors causing power failure
  • Municipal connections inside the property causing power failure

What is not covered?

  • Electrical gates and doors
  • Jacuzzi, swimming pool and borehole pumps
  • Air conditioners and commercial refrigeration
  • Repairs not complying with regulated specifications such as SABS and others
  • All electrical motors (electric gate motors etc.)
  • White Appliances (Stove, Refrigerator, Dishwasher etc.)
What is covered?

  • Burst water connections and pipes that are causing further structural damage
  • Overflowing blocked drains (internal & external) that can cause further structural damage
  • Geyser Problems (No hot water – dependent on case circumstances, water pressure, overflowing geyser)

What is not covered?

  • Concealed pipes are not covered. Specialist are not covered e.g. Leak Detectors
  • Specialist are not covered e.g. Drain specialist like Roto-Rooter & Drain Surgeon
  • Repairs not complying with regulated specifications such as SABS and others.
  • Replacement of a burst geyser
  • Jacuzzis, swimming pools and boreholes
  • Leaking tap that runs into a basin or shower
What is covered?

  • If keys are broken off or lost for a main entrance or exit of the house
  • If a child is locked inside the house or any room within the house

What is not covered?

  • Outbuildings and garages
  • Padlocks
What is covered?

  • Any glass that has been damaged or broken and is causing a security risk to your premises

What is not covered?

  • Mirrors or any specialised glass

Home Safe Chauffeur

This product is designed to encourage you to drive responsibly. Statistics show that car accidents, as a result of drinking and driving, account for a large percentage of accidents on our roads, especially at night.
Benefits are as follows:


  • We will ensure that you and your vehicle arrive home safely. We will dispatch a vehicle with two drivers (where possible) and drive you home in your own car
  • All drivers will be in possession of a public driver’s permit, will carry a cellphone, dress professionally, and speak English
  • You are entitled to use this service 6 times per annum. Each incident is capped at R500, and any costs incurred over and above this will be for the client’s account
What are the terms and conditions?
  • Bookings can be arranged between the following hours:
    Mondays to Thursdays 17:00 – 01:00
    Fridays 15:00 – 03:00
    Saturdays 16:00 – 02:00
    Sundays 16:00 – midnight
  • The service is available within a 50km radius of city centres in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Kimberley, Port Elizabeth, East London, George, Bloemfontein and Pietermaritzburg.
  • Ad hoc or last minute requests will be accommodated by the Service Provider on a best-effort basis with a maximum expected delay of 90 minutes. This Service is subject to the availability of a standby team at the time of the request
  • Pre-bookings for public holidays need to be made before 17:00 on the day before the public holiday.
  • At the specified time and location, the call centre will notify you that the pick-up driver has arrived at which time you will have 15 minutes to meet the driver. After the 15 minutes, the call centre will notify you that the pick-up driver will be leaving and the trip will be cancelled.
  • Cancellation and rescheduling fees:
  • Two hours prior to booked collection time – Rnil
  • One hour prior to booked collection time – one incident will be eliminated

Intelligent Panic Service

In a panic situation, you never want to be alone! Intelligent Panic provides you and your loved ones with 24 hour access to your own experienced Crisis Manager, who will help you through your emergency.
Do you need emergency medical advice over the phone? Do you need to find a doctor or an ambulance fast? Have you been involved in an accident? Or are you lost and feeling vulnerable?

Intelligent Panic is there for you.

Access every emergency support service out there from one button on your cell phone.

To have access to Intelligent Panic, you need to register and then choose one number on your cell phone that acts as your panic button. In an emergency, just press that one number – and we take charge of the rest.

Your Crisis Manager will call you back and access the most appropriate support that you need. Your Crisis Manager will be in telephone contact until your crisis situation is resolved.

How can our Intelligent Panic Service help you?
  • You never have to remember an emergency number again!
    Intelligent Panic is a breakthrough in emergency support! You will never have to remember another emergency number again. Intelligent Panic has access to every emergency service you may need, as well as access to your own security company, medical information and other useful contacts.
  • You will never be alone in an emergency!
    The Intelligent Panic service provides you with your very own Crisis Manager. When you are in an emergency – WE take charge! Your crisis manager will call you back on your cell phone and help you through your crisis – whatever that may be.

Crime Assist

This is a 24 hour crisis management product to assist you in the event of a hi-jacking or Home Invasion.
We will assist with the following:


  • In the case of your cellphone being stolen in a hi-jacking, we will provide you with a cellphone loaded with pre-paid airtime to the value of R100
  • In the case of your vehicle being hi-jacked, we will provide you with Group B car hire for 48 hours to keep you mobile.
  • In the case of your credit card being stolen, we will provide you with a pre-loaded debit card up to the value of R500 to assist you in the interim
  • In the case of your keys being stolen in a hi-jacking, we will send a locksmith to your house to assist you with your locks, up to the value of R1000 per annum
  • In the case of you being hi-jacked at your place of residence, we will place a security guard at your house for 24 hours
  • In the case of your home being invaded, we will place a security guard at your house for 24 hours after the invasion has taken place.
  • In case of your home being invaded, we will provide hotel accommodation to the value of R1000 per annum

Stay Safe. For all official information and updates regarding COVID-19, visit the South African Department of Health’s website at www.sacoronavirus.co.za